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Thread: Yellow braid line

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    Default Yellow braid line

    Folks, I recently acquired a new reel from eBay and when I got it the two spools were already loaded with braided line - one green and the other yellow. I tried the yellow line and was wondering if it was visible to the fish and whether I needed to use it with a leader. Any experience or opinions to share?

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    I bought two Shimano reels from my friend and they had new yellow braid on them. Jerry swears by it but he fishes the bay. I used it on the Susquehanna and the water was quite clear. I used a 7 foot 10 pound fluoro leader and couldnt buy a bite. I caught fish on the outfit that had moss green on it all day. I switched out to all green but again, Jerry swears by the yellow on the bay. That is my 2cents and my opinion is probably worth less.
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    When braided line first came into the consumer market, I purchased some in olive green or black, with the assumption that fish would be less likely to see it. Several guides that I use told me I would do better to have a bright color braid so I can easily watch the line as it enters the water. Since then I buy only the yellow line (PowerPro). I always fish it with a mono or fluorocarbon leader. My guide in Florida, where the water is much clearer, spools with bright blue braid (he has TufLine as a sponsor) and adds fluorocarbon leaders.

    If you do not use a leader and tie directly to the lure, a less obvious color may be a better choice for you.
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    I use Yellow braid on all my reels for the past two years. NO Leaders. I catch fish just fine, have never seen any issues with visibility. I think those jokers just want those darns lures


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    Most fish don't care most of the time. They're chasing the lure/bait.. Albies and a few other Pelagics might care some of the time.

    I've used red, green, black, yellow, orange and multicolored metered braid. No blue yet. Every color works but I use mono or Fluoro leaders mostly to make landing easier.

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    I have reels spun with red, green, gray and yellow braid. I use mono or fluorocarbon leaders on each. I have never noticed that a particular line color inhibited or enhanced hookups of tidal or fresh water fish. I don't believe most warm water species are line or leader shy. They're just aggressive.

    Consider also sinking or intermediate fly lines. Some of the intermediate lines are brightly colored. Sinking lines are often dark. And both kinds are far thicker than than braids. Neither inhibit fish from striking.

    However, I have heard the theory that snakeheads are wary of false casts of fly line zipping over their haunts and may not strike as a result.

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    LTJ swears by yellow sufix 832 for striped bass.
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    I have converted most of my reels to fluorescent neon orange Sufix Braid. You aren't going to find a brighter line!
    I use a 3-6 foot mono leader, and I have not seen a change in what I catch.
    It makes strikes infinitely more detectable!

    I converted all of the rods on the charter boat to fluorescent green or orange mono because it is easier to untangle (braid lines are miserable when they cross). LOL
    Made no difference, rock and perch could care less.

    The vast majority of fish are not leader shy....Spanish Mackerel and Brown Trout not withstanding. (Of course with Brown Trout, you are using itty, bitty tiny flies so you can't tie them to the fly line with a hawser!)

    I have seen Bluegills spook from fly line flash.

    But fish are pretty stupid. They don't know what leaders are! They focus on the lure.
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    I use yellow braid.....only had thing is baby bluefish eat it when I'm in breakers. ......never have severed it but I've had damage

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    Hay all . I fish the march and creeks . I am changing up my reels to yellow braid with floro leader . I have started using the FG not for braid to floro . It has worked better than any other knot that I have tried ( not with GLISS ) .I find it very helpful seeing my line . Good fishing to all .


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