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    I am trying to find a really good moderately priced paddle. Around the 100-150$ range. I have a Jackson Cuba and I'm pretty sure I am a low angle paddler. I currently have a 240 cm cannon and can't stand it. I just bought a bending branch sunrise but am not sure I am gonna like it either. I was looking at the bending branch slice and liked that it had a wider blade. My opinion is that all the angler paddles are way over priced and their shouldn't be much difference with the regular paddles.

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    There are a lot of factors that can contribute to you not liking your paddle. Is it weight? Length? Materials? Maybe the wrong blade shape. Even with the cuda 12 being 31" wide a 240 should reach out there enough. I agree that angler paddles sell some features that really aren't needed. I choose aquabound paddles because of there touring performance at a competitive price. Usually they have paddles that are less money and weight a few ounces less the the competition. When I got what I would consider my first "real" paddle it was a aquabound eagle ray hybrid it was light weight, performed well and I just found them for around 130 on amazon. I would really look into this paddle. The only reason I got rid of mine is a found a amazing deal on a full carbon paddle I couldn't pass up. Here is a link. Hope it helps.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    Thanks for the help fishmoken. I had a nice paddle once before but then I sold my kayaks. Now I'm back kayaking and don't remember which paddle I had. I'm pretty sure it's the bugle of the paddle and also the width. 240 is plenty for getting in the water so I will probably stic with that size.

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    I've been using the same paddle since 2011, a touring Werner Camano Paddle. I found it at a great deal back then at $125, just checked and it's around $275 now.
    Positives: very lightweight, balanced, & adjustable.
    Negatives: Fiberglass blades(it's durable, but if you try to push or force yourself off a solid object it can crack).

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    Check out the Aquabound Stingray. It has a narrow touring style blade conducive to your low angle paddling style. We sell a ton of them. At $140, it is an excellent balance of weight and affordability.

    The deeper blade on the slice is better for a more aggressive, high angle, power stroke - great for moving a heavy fishing kayak, but requires a different paddling style that can wear you out after a long day on the water.

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