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Thread: Gear Recommendations from Fellow Paddlers

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    I have and still use glacier glove stripping/fighting gloves. They have a upf 50 + and give a good grip for fish and paddle.
    Here is a link to To them
    We do carry them at bass pro in the fly shop.

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    No gloves, no grips. I raw dog it.

    I don't have any problems. Paddle is a Carlisle Expedition Angler (fiberglass). It's pretty light. Not carbon, but I can paddle with it for hours without much problem.
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    When I remember to bring them I use a set of Buff Angler Gloves. Paddling is always more comfortable with those gloves.
    - Justin
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    I don't wear gloves, but on the paddle I like a fiberglass shaft and ABS blades and I can take it anywhere, anytime. The fiberglass shaft is stronger than aluminum shafts and doesn't wear out under heavy digging. The ABS blades handle rocks and using it like push paddle in shallow water.

    I know many guys like carbon fiber and say it helps because it's light, but I can't notice the difference. We are talking ounces when I am digging in the water and pushing 350#through the water. Learning to rotate your core help so much more. I won a Werner Shuna Hooked lightweight paddle at the Susquehanna jamboree years back. I was all excited about using it. I did not notice it help me any, or make me feel less tired. It paddled fine, but any gusts of wind wanted to blow the paddle off and into the water and I almost got separated from it once. I had to watch the paddle while fishing every time the wind blew. Also used it once at Mattawoman and pushed off a rock by the pier and chipped one blade. They said it wouldn't, but it did.

    To be honest, I treat all my equipment like a bull in a china shop. I am rough on everything and I go for bullet proof. That is why I like fiberglass shafts and ABS blades. I have the bending branches angler classic and I've beat it well and it hold up great.
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    I use a pair of Husky Fingerless gloves I got at Home Depot . As far as a paddle I use a 260 Werner Hook Skagit
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    I wish i could remember to use paddling gloves, they are good, but after misplacing a few I have abandoned them.

    I DO have a paddle i love. It is lightweight, but not fiber so price is reasonable. It also breaks into 3 pieces so I can store it behind my p/u seat. Customer service is really great, too.
    it is the T-1 paddle by Pacific Designs
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