With the mild winds and the abundant sunshine you would think the fishing was very good. Well slow down just a bit and look at what was really is going on. Cold temps at night have dropped the temps below the prime of 60 degrees. Dirty water made the fishing even tougher. The dirty water moved last night. Oh and I had a hangnail and my shoes would not stayed tied. Just kidding about that stuff however I did split my pants a good ten inches in the rear showing my underwear all day. So I got that going for me. The fishing was slow at best. Big crappie did show up and we had a genuine 16 inch er and 15 inch er. A few keeper YP and a some cats that got the hot oil treatment later.
Still it was nice to fish with little or no wind.

Capt Mike

Saturday, the wind blew and the fishing was so so.

Sunday, the weather was perfect and the fishing blew.

Tough, tough day.

Same die hard veteran IHC crew back in two weeks to try again.

Capt Dave