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Thread: Anyone here used the IBOBBER?

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    Default Anyone here used the IBOBBER?

    I came across this ingenious product this weekend and almost bought it. Anyone have any experience with it. It seems to have mostly positive reviews and a lot of kayak fishermen are using it . Thanks and tight lines.
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    I've run a similar fish finder from Deeper for a couple of years and find it meets my needs right now. I drag it on a short piece of paracord from the stern of my kayaks and canoe - just long enough to keep it wet.

    -No additional battery
    -no need to run wiring or a transducer
    -No effort to switch between boats
    -Water temperature, depth, and fish marking seem accurate

    -The Bluetooth eats phone battery. Once I added a battery case to my phone, I had no problems getting a full day of fishing out of it
    -can lose connection when trolling or in rough water. This was mostly fixed by trying different lengths for the tether.

    One of these days, I need to compare what I see to a traditional fish finder but I've been pleased so far and I like the simplicity

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    A friend of mine purchased the Deeper sonar for a fishing trip last year. Nifty little product, especially for the price. I'm not entirely sure how accurate it is compared to other name brands, but for a bank fisherman it makes a lot of sense.

    If I were shopping for a cheap, portable sonar, I'd look hard to one of those. Not sure it would be my first choice for a primary sonar.
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    I watched a few reviews on YouTube. For the money, I'd buy a low end garmin/hummingbird/lowrance at $120ish. The I bobber display looks to be lacking a lot. Plus, doesn't look like you get fish arcs.
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