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Thread: April 8th Double Report

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    The wind today was chilling and strong. The sun did its best to try and warm us but only worked when we where tucked in behind a wind block. Of coarse most of the fish where not in those spots. We did well enough for a cold front fishing trip. The main river was three creams in your coffee. Broke some rods and my trolling motor deployed while running back. We got a little wet from that snafu. Tom said in a kids like voice "let's do it again.." I darn near split my gut laughing. Great crew and tons of fun.

    Capt Mike

    Today wasn't stellar for sure. Wind kept us in the creek. The water was pretty dirty. The main river was a mess. I am sure Capt Mike mentioned three creams in your coffee. Larry and Ed are regulars at IHC and good company. Larry works near the water and was sure we werent' fishing today after watching yesterday's winds. I see him again in two weeks to make a run at her again.

    Capt Dave

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    I'm from Georgia and we call those papermouths down there (fancy folk call them crappie).
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