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Thread: Kayak made out of insulation foam

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    Default Kayak made out of insulation foam

    So I ran across this while on YouTube and figured it was worth a share. This guy did a hell of a job with this kayak. I don't know the longevity of this design but I will give him credit, that took a lot of skill to make.

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    That's amazing. My only question is if he were to troll for stripers and a cow hit his lure would the pole rip right out of the foam? Haha!
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    Guys where making a lot of these years back for layout hunting. They were flatter barges made for laying low and not real paddle crafts. They covered them in fiberglass and epoxy, but they had wear issues and even covered in epoxy they needed plywood to stiffen them and give them the rigidity they need. Most of those hunters quit them and the home made hunting boats changed to lauan plywood and fiber-glassed and epoxied. They handle the wear and are much more rigid. is what they moved too. They work well, but I'm very critical of the hull design as it sucks to paddle. The bow is too high, wide and large wetted surface and square stern to make drag to slow you down. The bow swing on them paddling it terrible, but they do hunt well.

    Kayak manufacturers still make first prototypes like this, or they used too and the first Sit on tops were exactly like this as they were modified surf boards. I like his ingenuity, but I think the boat will not last well long term.
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