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    Fished Tuckahoe Lake and Creek (Hillsboro) from shore yesterday. Landed a pile of small yellow perch (all males), a few white perch and a bunch of sunfish on minnows/worms/soft plastics in Hillsboro fishing both the incoming and outgoing tides. Talking to folks, it sounds like the main perch run is over and people stopped catching the big females weeks ago. Decided to try the lake for a bit to switch it up and found a school of dink crappie drawn up into the creek by the boat launch. Probably landed around 20-30 of them on soft plastics with only 3 being better than 9 inches. Turned into a pretty nice day after a cold and damp start with enough fish on the stringer at the end of the day for a snack.

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    I rode through Hillsboro yesterday after visiting my grandparents. I saw quite a few people fishing and figured they were still targeting yellow perch. Sounds like you had an overall good day. Nice going.

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