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    Today was very nice and my face is a sweet reddish glow from the sun. We caught lots of cats in the eater class and filled up a cooler for my crew. A few too big to keep where returned. Burned thru my bait and ran in just before the storm.

    Capt Mike

    The weather was great and so was the father and sons crew today. The tide took a little while to turn but when it did, the fish turned on. Then off. Then on. Then off. We moved a little shallower and found a nice pile of fish. We picked up a couple of eaters to put in the cooler then, a fat girl. The wind picked up and the clouds came in a little heavier and it got a wee bit cold and the bite had kind of stopped. The crew was ready to go and go we did. A good day, a good day indeed.

    Capt Dave

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    Wow...nice day! Had some big ones in there.

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    Thanks Anthony..

    Capt Mike


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