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Thread: Multiple artifical lures?

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    Default Multiple artifical lures?

    I was wondering how many people use multiple artificial lures on one line. I'm not really talking about sabiki or umbrellas, but if you are casting soft plastics on a jig heads or even jigging bucktails, etc. It seems like a good idea to multiply your odds of catching (maybe), but maybe it throws off how you work a lure or something. I never see the "professionals" do it on tv, so I wondered if there was a reason. Thanks.
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    I troll a tandem rig occasionally. It has a slightly heavier jighead on the end of the line and a lighter jighead or fly teaser 12" to 18" up the line on a short leader. I find that I typically don't catch more fish with the tandem than with a single rig. I troll four lines at a time and have more lures in the water than many other kayak trollers anyway.


    Many of the charter boats and heavy tackle trollers use a tandem lure rig. It is important to keep the two lures separated and still running cleanly.
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    Some folks use a dropper fly on a surface lure. For example, tying a Clouser Minnow on a couple of feet of mono or fluorocarbon attached to the back hook of a popper. I've tried it but didn't like the awkwardness of the cast. I'm perfectly happy to catch only one fish at a time.

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    I do it, I troll with 3 rods and run a tandem setup. This gives me 6 baits in the water with different colors. Usually I run 1/2 to 3/4 on the bottom and a 1/4 to 3/8 on a 6 foot leader. Sometimes they hit the lower and some times the upper. Downside is you have to keep moving.
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    Md regulations limit you to 2 hooks per line.
    To the best ok my knowledge sabiki rigs are not legal here.

    I'd use a dropper rig with a jighead for flounder, & in the past on trolling rigs, but that's all. I havent found for most fishing a second hook to be beneficial.
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    I've worked with tandems in various sizes ranging from the huge rigs we use in the early season trolling on the charter boat where both lures may be 9 inch plastic shad on jig heads that are 16 ounces or more, down to 1/8 and 1/16 ounce dart rigs for shad fishing.

    For trolling on the charter boat, we use a 3 way swivel and run a heavier lure on the shorter leader. We will also run a fairly hefty weight ahead of the three way. These range from 6-20 ounces. I figure that no body would want to paddle troll a rig like that. LOL. And umbrella rigs are sorta like towing a 5 gallon bucket, not a lot of fun to retrieve. If you want a peddle kayak workout, this rig is for you. Not me.

    For my shad dart rig, I use a split ring to tie the leaders to, I don't worry about twist with a braided main line. A 3 way would be overkill and something else to get hung up on in the rocky rivers where the shad run.

    I have trolled using a 4 inch and 5 inch Storm Shad from a 3 way swivel without an additional weight from my "electric canoe"
    and I found that the dropper ran about 9 feet deep. I don't troll anymore when I fish for myself, I prefer to cast single lures.

    I use 3-1 as the approximate ratio between the trailing (lighter) lure's leader and the dropper's.
    We run about 6 and 18 feet leaders for the big stuff, and I'll fish the shad darts at 1 foot and 3 feet, respectively.
    A pain in the butt to cast, sorta like using a bobber, as the center of mass causes some rotation, and you have to cast with a slow, slinging motion.
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    Hey 22,
    I utilize tandem rigs quite often, both casting & trolling.

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    I usually use a Shad Dart then a Pet spoon trailer about 12'' when I fish for Shad, other than that I am more prone to including spin blades with the lure trailing.
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    Sometimes I'll do it when vertical jigging. I tie a straight shank hook with a palomar knot leaving two or three feet of tag end. Then tie my jog on the end. The straight hook can be used for bait or a soft plastic.
    It's basically a drop shot rig.

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    Here is something I wrote in a thread about this very subject. It worked very well for me and I found it cheap, versatile and productive.

    Don't know if everybody is familiar with the Johns Skinner flounder rig but it can be seen here.
    Nothing fancy just a bottom loop with a dropper loop above a foot above and I imagine many others can claim the rig as well.
    I had made a few for a trip to the shore last summer and they worked well for catching some flounder and sea trout on the trip.

    Still having them on my rods and me being kind of lazy they stayed there for most the rest of the late summer into fall fishing. Found it to be nice all around rig and the two loops gave me many options. Worked well for casting, trolling & jigging.

    Fished it with paddletails or bucktails on the bottom and a bare hook or jig head with Gulp mullet on the dropper. Rattle trap on the bottom also worked well and with a Gulp mullet on the dropper, I'd pick up some nice perch while the stripers would hit both both trolling and jigging. For just perch a top hook with gulp mullet and bottom jighead with gulp was a nice combination. Brought spoons into the mix on the bottom with just a hook with Gulp above and had hits from Stripers, blues and perch on both vertical jigging, trolling and casting. Easy enough to just remove the top rig and just fish a straight bucktail, paddletail or other lure on the bottom and having the little dropper loop in the line did not seem to affect my amount of hookups at all. Throw a weight on the bottom and a hook on the dropper you have a bottom rig. Lots of possibilities that should work with most any species with a simple rig.

    Just thought it worked really well as an all around rig and wondering if anyone has any thoughts or does anything similar. I don't particular like the dropper loop above the main loop and do worry it could affect leader strength. Only downside I found is with some heavier leader it can be hard to pass the doubled line loop through the eye of a jig, hook or lure and large lures that can't pass through the loop are not going to work.
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