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I am halfway through one of my frequent kayak fishing trips in Tampa with guide Neil Taylor of Strike Three Kayak fishing. Over the past two days I caught 42 speckled trout, 16 ladyfish, a gag grouper, 2 sea robins, and a flounder. I also caught several two uncommon species -- a striped burrfish (a spiny looking pufferfish -- my second one ever), and a remora (this is a new species for me). Remoras have a large suction pad on top of their heads. They attach to larger fish and are transported around that way.

All fish were caught on lures -- either by jigging or by casting soft plastics. Some of the photos show the jigging setup with a small yellow metal jig and a pink fly teaser tied on the same loop knot. I am looking forward to two more days of fishing here.

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I just came across this post John. Very interesting catches!

Funny Fact: Years ago I used to live in NW Florida and would fish the Gulf in my powerboat. I would often catch remoras. The first time I caught one, my friend, who was a local, insisted I had to attach the remora to my arm! Apparently, it's a tradition. Being a young male, highly susceptible to peer pressure, and not wanting to back down from a challenge I (reluctantly) acquiesced.
I rolled up my sleeve and my buddy slapped the suction part of the remora up against the highest point of arm (where the shoulder joint meets the arm). And sure enough, the remora just hung there! It didn't hurt, but it certainly felt weird.
A few pictures later, and the remora went back into the water.

So my question to you is: Are you a young male highly susceptible to peer pressure? If so, next time slap that fish right on there!