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Thread: First 10 Togs of 2017 (CBBT, Feb 24, 2017)

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    Default First 10 Togs of 2017 (CBBT, Feb 24, 2017)

    There is nothing like catching togs in February!

    Because of the warm winter, I checked the water temp around Virginia Beach for 3 weeks. The top water temp had been 45-46 F at the bridge tunnel for few weeks. The water temp was higher than usual. I thought some togs had been active in the 45-46 F water. So I pick a calm day (Feb 24, 2017), went for tautog.

    It was a well-executed day. I picked 5 sets of bridge pilings (two between the 1st and 2nd SBC (small boat channel), and 3 between the 2nd SBC and the First Island). Between 8 AM and 11:30 AM, I picked the pilings according to the incoming and out-going tides). I caught togs at all 5 pilings.

    I caught 1 toadfish. Missed few tog bites. 3 togs got away. I landed 10 togs. The large ones were 16”, 16”, 16.5” and 17”.

    I saw a whale for the first time about a mile from the shore by the bridge. It was unusual to me.
    Also I went to Rudee and fished for puppy drum in the afternoon. I caught a 9” speck and two small spripers. The water temp in Rudee was 51-54 F. I think keeper size puppies will be active soon.

    Fishing Log:

    Thank you
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