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    Default Occoquan fishing

    I spent a couple hours paddling between Occoquan park and the 123 bridge. Water temp was 47-48 and as HeaveToo mentioned, I could see balls of small fish in the middle of the column. There is some good structure along the NE bank of the river but nothing hiding out there yet. The wind picked up a bit and I didn't have any bites so I called it a day. This was my first visit to Occoquan and it was a pleasant mile long paddle up to the bridge and back. I am anxious to see what I can find further down river. If this nice weather holds out, I might head back next weekend sometime.

    For those who haven't been to Occoquan park yet, there is a big parking lot right next a concrete boat ram and a gravel kayak/canoe ramp. both ramps have a gentle easy grade and I had no problem getting my 16' 130 lb kraken into and out of the water. The launch fee is $6.00 at the iron ranger next to each ramp.

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    I went t the Occoquan today. I caught 1 yellow perch that was small. Blah! Lots of wind and at times I was drifting way too fast. Tide and wind sure did carry me out fast.

    If you go out of Occoquan Park and find the point across the river from the marina there is 25 feet of water. That is where I have caught some of my fish. I also went up to the I95 bridge last two trips. This time I didn't catch anything.

    People seem to be slowly catching crappie around the docks. Nothing big that I saw and I think that they are using jigs. I would love to have some minnows to target these areas.


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