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Thread: Show off your rig!

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    Nice yak and campground! Where is that?

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    A few years back, I fished with a Florida Space Coast kayak guide (Rob) who provided me with a Native kayak- looks like the same one, but it might not be the exact same model...we fished around Merritt Island National Wildife Refruge on the East Coast in the Indian River Lagoons for tarpon, snook, redfish and speckled trout...the kayak was very functional and was very easy to paddle- seat was comfortable and it tracked all kayaks there are trade-offs- the open cockpit layout is fine in calm waters, but I would be concerned about taking it out in the Chesapeake Bay and the hull filling with water in a storm or heavy chop...
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    You're correct. It's my small water boat -- comfortable and great for ponds and tidal creeks. However I have crossed the Severn with it in choppy water without concern. It cuts through waves nicely but it can indeed take on water. It has no scuppers. The tradeoff for that is its single hull design and its light weight. It's a joy to transport and paddle.

    Mine is the 12 foot version. I have used Ultimate 14.5 numerous times in Florida on guided trips. Here's a photo of me in one:

    Ultimate 6.jpg

    I have been in some rough conditions in it far from shore in FL and taken on enough water that it was sloshing about my feet. But the boat remained stable and viable despite the water intake.

    Here in MD I reserve my Revo for big water.

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    For everyone asking I was camping near Chincoteague island. Fishing was okay, lots of bottom fish, and croaker. Caught a 20-30lb sandbar shark, and saw a lot of BIG rays.

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