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Thread: Hobie Turbo Fins

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaultmtd View Post
    I am going to wait a while before ordering the parts to make my 2016 Mirage Drive a 180 drive...there are always issues discovered in new innovations that cause "up-grades" and modifications...and since I have been used to the standard Mirage Drive for several years, now, I am well-satisfied with its overall performance...once the 180 drive has been throughly used in real world applications and its durability proven, then I might jump on the band wagon...
    Agree completely i just had them in my cart to figure shipping costs and stuff... someone posted yesterday there Forward handle for the drive snapped off flush in the pocket so now they gotta figure that out.

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    I have an outback & a PA14.

    I've used both fins in both yaks. Turbo fins are more powerful & efficient & I can more effeciently move with the turbo fins. At the same time my adult son used my outback with turbo fins & I could keep up with him in my pa14 with standard fins. But''ve spent a lot of time on the water in the kayak & he hasn't. You will get used to whatever you have.

    I just purchased the 180 turbo fins & will use them on the PA & wife will use my turbo fins on her outback.

    I'm hoping that before you purchase you spend the time on the water & try out whatever yak you are considering. I tried natives & hobies, & was 100% sure I wanted a native, until I demmoed some yaks. I've had extensive knee surgery & found the native uncomfortable for me. I've bicycled extensively since my knee surgery & was sure the native was the right solution. (there is nothing wrong with natives, but there is something wrong with my knee.) I found for me & my knee the hobie drive was easier on my body.

    And a 2nd on Delaware paddle Sports. they loaned us 4 yaks, & wife & I demoed an outback, revo, native & a PA and I immediately made my decision.
    Everyone is different & kayaks are different enough that you need to sit in one on the water & see how it feels.
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