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Thread: Gas Trolling Motor

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    It's called a solo skiff, the cheaper slightly heavier rotomolded plastic version not the fiberglass gel coat model. It's about the same dimensions and weight as a Hobie PA, but with the ability to get up on plane and cruise at 15 to 20 knots. I really like not having a trailer it really grants more access to different bodies of water, like a kayak. Having a motor gives me the ability to cover 10 miles in just over 30 minutes and spend more time fishing. I wouldn't say it's the best of a boat and a kayak, I will say that is suits most of my style of fishing.

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    Do you have a link
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    Do you have a link
    The roto molded version is about $1900 and you can get a motor of your liking. Even new motors are usually about $1000 so the total cost is about $3k. In MD anything under 7 HP is a no fee boat registration, so you any have to pay for the sticker and pay your tax.


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