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Thread: Finally a good day at loch raven

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    Default Finally a good day at loch raven

    I have been fishing loch Raven somewhat regularly for the last month and a half or so with only a few pickerel to show for it. Sunday started off with nothing for the first 2 hours, but then I started catching them. I caught 6 pickerel and 4 pike in an hour and a half. Unfortunately all the pike were small and the pickerel weren't the size I was hoping for either but it was good to get some decent action. I went back yesterday and the water was very muddy and I only got 1 Pike.20170122_112133.jpg20170122_122655.jpg20170122_132215.jpg

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    Good for you.

    Nice to see the pickerel are biting somewhere.

    Were you using lures or bait?

    I took a swing through two Severn tribs yesterday and came up empty. The absence of a decent winter pickerel bite in the Severn remains a mystery.

    Can't blame conditions either. The water was clear and high.

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