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Thread: Meet and Greet Schedule for 2017

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    Thank you very much for the information and look to attend the first meeting in 2018 to learn more and get others to enjoy this fun sport too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moc View Post
    Thanks to Harry "On the Fly" and all those who helped him and attended the Meet and Greet Planning Meeting at Bass Pro in getting this schedule for 2017.

    The Meet and Greet is a volunteer fishing get together with many kayakers getting together afterwards for a meal to discuss the day. Traditional Meet and Greets occur on the second Saturday of every month. On rare occasions the dates have changed due to bad weather or holiday events. The host will determine if the date will change due to weather or cancelled it all together. The host usually selects a place that everyone can get together for lunch. Remember to exercise good judgement when traveling to and fishing on the water at the Meet and Greet get together. Know your capability, and it is your responsibility to have your required and recommended safety equipment and fishing license.

    Snaggedline is a public forum open to all. It charges no fees to users. Meet & Greet attendees do not pay fees to Snaggedline or to the hosts to participate in events organized on the forum. The voluntary nature of the forum and the fact that its cost is free to users, removes event liability from Snaggedline and from Meet & Greet hosts. The forum is just another form of communication to plan an outing which is no different from you planning a cookout at park with friends.

    Participants are reminded that they must always exercise the utmost caution during Meet & Greet outings and that they participate in these events at their own risk.

    There are some M&G's that do not have an organizer. If you would like to be the organizer (there can be more than one organizer/host), then reply in this thread. M&G's that do not have an organizer can have the M&G location changed by consensus or cancelled.

    Meet and Greet Schedule 2017

    January Bass Pro Planning Meeting On the fly (Harry) None
    February None
    March Marshal Hall Yakscientist Blue Cats, Channel Cats, American Eels
    April None
    May Susquehanna Flats Plasticboat (Jeff) Striped Bass, Catfish
    June Upper Potomac Monocacykayak (Rich) Large and Small Mouth Bass
    July[/COLOR Lowes Wharf, Eastern bay Coop1486 (Coop) Striped Bass, White Perch, Rays, Spots, Croaker, Trout, Bluefish
    August Beverly Triton AintMisBehavin Striped Bass, White Perch, Spots, Croaker, Rays, Bluefish
    September CBKA Tournament CBKA Striped Bass, White Perch, Spots, Blue Fish
    October Ft. Smallwood-Patapsco Mark & On the Fly (Harry) Striped Bass, White Perch
    November Ocean City Tog Slobberbob Tog, Flounder, White Perch, Rays, Stripers, Bluefish, Trout
    December Eastern Shore Ponds Mark & J. Rentch Crappie, Pickerel, Large Mouth Bass
    I'd figure it'll be in the mid to low 50's around at that point. Cool water rigging would be prompted.


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