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    In my opinion if you had to buy one fly rod for the bay it would be an 9' 8wt. Yes you might be a little under-powered for a monster flats fish, but lets be real here, they are hard enough to catch with traditional equipment, the likelihood that you hook into one is extremely small. A quality 8wt will handle a fish that size if fought properly, you just need to chase them around a bit more. I never buy equipment that is meant for the biggest fish out there, I buy for the average fish knowing I can handle the big boys with care. For me I get more enjoyment out of using lighter weight tackle and I particularly like the added sensitivity and delicate presentation. My go-to small stream/river dry fly trout rod for this area is a 7'6 3wt which is perfect for your average 8-10" trout. Most guys use 4-5wt which is fine, but I prefer the mobility of a shorter rod and the extremely delicate presentation I can achieve with a light stick. I've landed fish up to 13" on that rod no problem, and feel confident I can handle almost anything on the east coast. To each their own, just my $0.02.
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    I think an 8 wt. is indeed a good choice for the Bay. I use one here in the Chesapeake and also in Tampa. I also use a 9 wt. occasionally here, not so much to catch large fish, which I normally do not do, but to battle the wind. Sometimes a heavier rod is actually less tiring to use for prolonged periods than a lighter rod that you have push into the wind or strain to throw larger flies with.

    But like most of us who use conventional tackle and have more than one spinning or baitcasting rod, I have a number of fly rods, from a 4wt. to the 9 wt. I mentioned above. I often carry two -- one strung with a streamer and one with a surface fly. For the Bay I typically carry a 5/6 wt. and an 8/9 wt. For smaller waters I drop back to a 4 wt. and a 7 wt.

    Lastly, stay tuned. A designated fly fishing thread is coming to this forum. I'm glad for that and pleased to see the topic gaining momentum on Snaggedline.

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