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Thread: Flipping PA/Outback right side up

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    Default Flipping PA/Outback right side up

    Gday folks! I'm not sure where I should post this but, I figured this could be a good place for everyone to see as this post could be very beneficial.

    I've been hearing from people while out fishing for a long time now on how you can't flip a PA 12 or PA 14 back over once you turtle. If you are in the surf, I wouldn't recommend right siding a kayak due to the obvious reasons. However, when you are past the surf, in the bay, lakes, etc... you are not dealing with conditions of the surf and then why is it not possible? I constantly hear that the PA is such a huge kayak and it is impossible to next to impossible to flip it back over once you have capsized. In the video I am posting, I will show how to flip an Outback and a PA 14 back over. I am not a light person by any means. In fact, I am on the heavy side. If someone like me can do it, then many of you can as well.

    The same thing I have done on the PA in this video you can apply to just about any kayak out there. If you don't have a place to strap up to on a kayak, you can always add some hardware to help for the situation I will be talking about on the video. I hope you enjoy! (Click on link below)

    I know I am new on the forum but I am not new to kayak fishing. I have done just about all types of kayak fishing. I love fishing for flounder but more particularly I am fond of offshore BTB (Beyond the Breakers) kayak fishing. I am currently in Texas but always traveling. When I see a new place to fish, I will grab a kayak and try it out. If any of you guys are thinking of competing in the Extreme Kayak Fishing tournament in Corpus Christi, Texas on September 24th and have questions in regards to the fishing here, please don't hesitate to PM me. I will be happy to answer any question(s) you may have. Here is a link to the Extreme tournament:
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    nice job! Now I have to get a strap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dasher View Post
    nice job! Now I have to get a strap!
    Thanks for sharing. Headed to a lake to practice flipping!

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    Glad you guys liked the video.

    BTW.... When I competed at the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament in Texas this past summer, I had done something that I hadn't done in a long time. The conditions for that day were not good to say the least. Almost everyone going through the surf turtled and I was one of the many. Normally I wouldn't even attempt to flip the yak back over until I get back to shore since I was in the surf zone, but I noticed something while riding things back to land. There was a huge gap in the wave sets and so I got to thinking. In one of those gaps I applied the same steps in my video and before you know it, my yak was flipped back right side up. Even though I had another opportunity after flipping the kayak right side up to get back into the kayak, I didn't want to take any chances. The surf zone is not a place to try and re-enter the kayak when conditions are not good. If I had been past the surf, I definitely would of made a go of it to try and get back in the kayak. Once I flipped my yak, I made it back to shore soon. After getting everything back in order and bilge the water from the yak with what little water that was in there, I made it through the surf the second time.

    Since posting my video, I have had many people comment or contact me about the strap idea with good comments. I am guessing it has served a purpose and I am happy to be able to help others! If any of you guys decide to come to Texas ever and want to fish, hit me up. 832-588-7091 Let's hit the kings, lings, and things!

    PS: Another thing you can do with the strap idea is on the opposite end of the strap (the loose end), you can loop it once. Once the loop has been made, secure the loop with hog nose clamps. After flipping the kayak back over with the strap as in the video, you can use the loose end loop as a foot hold. Step in the loop and use it to hoist yourself back into the kayak. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas!!
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