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Thread: Size 3000-ish reel recommendations?

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    The biggest complaint I have with the Penn's are the gears are made out of cheap pot metal vs bronze or stainless. For most of the fish you'll catch with a 3000 sized reel it's not an issue. Replacement parts are cheap and available so when they wear out you can replace them easily. The Shimano's are more finicky and the brake rings always seem to swell and the reel will feel like it has resistance after awhile. Great reels, but they need more maintenance.
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    Every manufacturer has a top of the line reel and an entry level reel- the difference between machine cut gears and pressed gears is smoothness and durability...same with sealed ball bearings and open can spend 700 bucks for a spinning reel to get all the bells and whistles in a superb top of the line reel like a Stella, but do you really need all that? If you buy a reel for $40 and use it with no maintenance for three of four years and toss it and buy another $40 reel- are you satisfied? Unless you fish everyday in tournaments, I could not justify spending that kind of sweet spot was the Penn Clash- I own 3 Shimano Stradix reels (2-2500 and 1-4000) and a 4000 I am a gear guy- got lots of gear...recently upgraded my stable- I have a Sustain 2500 and a Sustain 3000- love them...
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    I totaled destroyed a 4000 size Penn Fierce and Penn Battle (the original designs) within two years of purchase. Like Redfish said, the gears are schmit! I won't buy those particular models again. All my other Penn reels are great though - SSM, SSG, and Spinfisher.

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    I have two Okuma Avenger B reels, a 500 and a 3000. I have used both of them heavily for about two years and they are both holding up great. Are they as smooth as my nicer reels, not really, but for $30-50 I would get another one in a second if I wanted a decent reel.

    Actually, I forgot, I also have a 4000 series bait-feeder from them as well, but I have only used it a handful of times so I can't comment on it's durability.

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