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Thread: Fishing Report Lower Chester River Saturday July 2nd

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    Default Fishing Report Lower Chester River Saturday July 2nd

    I've been hitting the lower Chester most weekends for the past month and a half. Fish have mostly been in 25-37 feet of water and depending on the day they've been holding at 15-22 feet. I'm pretty new to this so it's been a challenge dialing in the lures to run where the fish hold. The Yozuri Deep Crystal Minnow recommended by Alan Battista in his book remains the go-to lure since it dives to 14 feet without weight. I've been lucky to get a limit on all but one outing including a 32 incher and 29, both in the channel. The rest have been 22-26. First time ever had two rods go down at once. That was fun. The deep minnow lost its charm on Saturday so I switched out to a 7 inch swim shad - spotted bunker color - with a 2 ounce snap weight. Let line out about 40 feet then the snap weight on the line then let out another 40 feet, trying to get it running about 20 feet. Still no luck. Finally gave up on the deeper water and headed shallow on the late incoming tide in about 5-7 feet of water. Not sure if it was the increasing current, the switch to shallower water, or the switch in lure but I hooked up with a 22 and 23 pretty quickly.

    One thing I've observed over the past month is that I've had lots of luck with large lures. The deep minnow lures are 5 1/2 inches long, the swim shad is 7 inches, but that has not stopped 9 inch dinks from trying to swallow them whole. I haven't given up on the smaller XR12 or CR9 but if dinks are hitting a 7 inch swim shad I can't find a reason to downsize lures. Of course next week things might change. I'm too new to this to know. I read about guys downsizing lures to have more luck so that leaves me confused. Also not sure if sticking with deeper water will inevitably net larger fish. At times the shallows have tons of shorts.

    Trying to head out there again on Friday and/or Sunday. If anyone from the eastern shore is looking for company hit me up.IMG_1444.jpg

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    Great report. Good to hear such a healthy fishery you are hitting, and fun too! For a "Newbie" you seem to be doing great to me

    Keep up the "Tight Lines"

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