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Thread: Penn Spinning Reels

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    Sunday I took a trip down south to Greentop and picked up 2 Penn 7' Regiment spinning rods to pair up with the 3000 Clash and my Shimano Stradix 4000- Thursday afternoon I took the 45 mile road trip down to St. Mary's county for an evening fishing...I put the Stradix 2500 on the Castaway- anyway gave everything a hard work out by hooking several CNRs...and two keeper rock fish I brought home for dinner- I caught one 23 inch rock that had a big lesion/sore near its vent that I decided not to keep- got to say the Penn clash is lighter and smoother than my Stradix reels- it's gears are smooth like glass- reeling the Stradix is rougher under the load of fighting a 20 inch fish and CNRs...reeling the Clash under a heavy load is really nice- the CNC cut gear train is as advertised...and the Penn Regiment rods are nice, too...very light, fast tip yet with plenty of backbone for the CNRs...
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