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Thread: VHF radio suggestions ?

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    Those are the same complaints for some of the other Cobra models. Plus, the complaints mentioned above are by folks who have loud motorboats. For us kayakers, I know peeps who say the model I mentioned above is plenty loud w/ better battery life than some other models. I'm hoping someone can attest to its performance. But, all things said, just having a marine radio is better than not having one. It's good to be thinking about this topic before you are able to launch.

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    I have the Cobra HH 500 . I like the Bluetooth it works well and with a radio app on my phone I can listen to the game while out fishing or answer phone calls. The battery life is good and the sound is loud enough for me. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a second battery compartment that takes AA batteries. It will charge on a standard 120 volt outlet or on a 12VDC outlet from your vehicle My only complaint is that the bolt that holds the battery in is slightly rusty. That could be my fault since I never rinsed it off when I was done fishing .
    I picked it up for $110.00 from Walmart online but amazon had it for the same price, also both sites had free shipping.
    The price seams to fluctuate from $100.00 to 160.00. This week it is $123.99

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    I haven't seen any flyers, but I know BPS is having a big fishing event / sale this weekend. You may want to see what is available

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    I had a Icom, but it failed after a year due to water intrusion. I sent it back and they replaced it under warranty but still cost my shipping. The next time it got serious use was at J-Bay Tournament last year and I swear the reception was horrible. My buddy was right next to me picking up other radio and I hear nothing. I sent it back to Icom, they tested it and couldn't find anything wrong, so the simply returned it to me. Not wanting to risk my life to a radio I had no confidence in, I got the Cobra HH. It "feels" cheaper then the Icom, but I like it a LOT better. Much easier to control the volume, more included power and charging accessories and the Blue tooth is fantastic. I don't like to talk on the phone while out there, but sometimes it happens and it's really cool to just talk though the radio which I am still fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whenican View Post
    I'm in the same boat as you but I'm leaning
    towards the Cobra HH500 because of all the things
    others(& myself) like about the various Standard Horizon
    marine radios, except that this Cobra has bluetooth capability
    so you can answer that important phone call from the boss
    w/o risking dropping your smart phone in the water. Plus,
    as some of my friends have mentioned to me about this specific Cobra:
    battery life is very good & also the volume & clarity when talking to others.
    Perhaps someone who owns this radio can elaborate more. I was just checking
    prices last night...waiting for a sale since the polar vortex is visiting this weekend
    & I wont need it just yet.
    +1 on the Cobra. I have been using them for many years now and they are great. Good wattage (6) and load and clear transmit and receive audio. And like others have said, it has Bluetooth capability. You can answer your phone with clear sound and make calls from the Cobra. You could leave your phone in a dry bag, put away and talk on the phone if required.

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    I have the M-64 ICom- works, floats, long battery life- no problems- had it for 4 years...dropped it a few times- left it out in the boat in a thunderstorm, dropped it overboard- thought I had lost it, kept going back and forth, finally saw it floating in the creek and retrieved it...used it last fishing trip- worked fine-
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    I got a sales flyer from West Marine yesterday. It has several of their house brand radios on sale and at least one of the Standard Horizon units on sale.

    Last summer I needed to replace my radio and purchased a West Marine VHF160 model. I am very pleased with it -- it performs better than my previous one. That unit normally sells for $159.99. It is on sale for $99.99 from June 22-25.
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