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Thread: Feel good kayak story

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    Default Feel good kayak story

    first I would like to thank the administrators of this fine forum for supporting the Maryland Chapter. I don't know why I didn't post this story earlier, I think its pretty cool, I hope you folks enjoy it. Last October I fished the River Bassin Tournament Trail event held on the Susquehanna River w one of the Maryland Chapters most reliable volunteers, Retired Air Force Colonel "Larry" (last name withheld). I don't typically fish tourneys but I thought this would be a great way to expose Larry to good smallmouth fishing...for the record, Larry didn't own a kayak at the time, so I brought along a Chapter kayak for his use. Conditions were terrible, with 5" of rain falling during the week & continued throughout the tourney day. It was a two person team, best 6 fish combined length format...approximately 40 yakers attended. Larry & I finished w 4th place. The event was hosted by Shanks Mare Outfitters in Wrightsville, PA, on the Susquehanna. Shanks Mare is a Jackson kayak dealer and as part of the tourney they were raffling off a nicely rigged Cuda 12kayak...well as luck would have it...Larry was holding the Ticket!!! He was the only guy in the Touney that didn't own at least one kayak. It couldn't have gone to anyone more deserving. 20151003_163612.jpg20151003_163659.jpg
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    That is awesome. It's great to hear that the winner of the kayak was the person
    who needed it most.


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