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Thread: What are the wave conditions you take your kayak out on thr bay

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    Default What are the wave conditions you take your kayak out on thr bay

    What wave height or wind speed would you see in the forecast and say, "nope!"

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    Sustained winds ten knots and over can be problematic in unsheltered water.

    But direction is important and some areas of the Bay and some tributaries offer shelter even when winds are gusting 15 to 20 knots.

    So it depends on where I am planning to fish and how strong the wind is blowing and which direction it is coming from.

    In general, however, whitecaps in the area I am fishing do not make it an enjoyable experience and I will cut my trip short.

    A kayak can actually give us safe access to some areas when it is too windy to fish from a power boat in the Bay at large.

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    That depends on a lot of factors such as the location you are fishing, wind direction, the type of kayak you have, current direction/speed, and your experience level. All of these can impact wave height. There is not a definitive answer to your question. As a safe bet, you can assume anything below 10 mph is pretty safe; however, conditions can change in a hurry so you really need to have a good grasp on what YOU feel comfortable in. The only way to know that is to get out and experience different conditions.

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    Don't forget to factor in when you are going out and the amount of power boat traffic you might encounter. All the wind and current considerations can be moot if there are a lot of big boats going back and forth.

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