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    Hello all! I'm brand new at this and I'm looking to purchase my first Kayak for fishing. Any suggeations or things I should consider when buying? Thanks

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    Default Kayak Fishing

    Greetings Jessica! Welcome! You have come to the right sight to have your yak fishing Q's answered. The members here have been a great help to me. Check the "Tackle Shop" section of Snaggedline at times. You will find some quality yaks for sale at various times of the year. I actually have my first yak for sale in there now. It's a very stable yak and also some extras are included. But the main thing to consider is what's comfortable for you! Good luck and again welcome!

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    Welcome! I started kayaking back at the beginning of last summer and once you start you get addicted and usually want to upgrade from what most people will tell you. I would say you should try and demo a few kayaks out before buying but when I started I never did that lol. Most people tend to my an inexpensive kayak first then upgrade but you'll see a lot of people that do that upgrade quite quickly. Kayaks seem to hold there value quite a bit you will learn so even if you bought an expensive kayak you could still sell it for a little less then what you paid and still be well off. My suggestion would be if you are really getting into the sport definitely don't go cheap. I started with an ocean kayak trident 13 and loved it but then upgraded to a hobie due to how far I drive to get to the water and it's ability to handle wind and rougher water. Paddling in rough water is never fun! So hopefully I helped you a little on your process. Always look on Craigslist or here for deals on good kayaks because they are out there!

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    Welcome. I also just posted one of my kayaks up for sale, so might be worth taking a look...probably one of the best deals you will find, but it may or may not suit your needs. I listed it on here for Snaggedliners below what I would ask on CL.
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    Hi Jessica,
    Definitely try some kayaks out before purchasing one. You're probably excited about buying one and rightfully so. Kayak fishing is a blast and addictive. But you'll want to get just the right one after seeing many types. Hope to see you out fishing this spring!

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