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Thread: Fall MAKBF OPEN Event - October 11th

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    Default Fall MAKBF OPEN Event - October 11th

    Link to the event on facebook

    Open to all Kayaks, Bass Boats, John Boats, Canoes, etc...

    Entry Fee
    $30 Cash (83% Payout)
    $10 Cash Optional Big Bass Calcutta (100% Payout)

    Prize Breakdown
    1st 55% Cash
    2nd- 20% Cash
    3rd- 12% Cash
    4th- 8% Cash
    5th- 5% Cash

    Big Bass 80% Cash
    Runner-Up Big Bass 20% Cash

    Fishing Restricted to Mattawoman Creek and Chicamuxen Creek Only

    (Must be in line for check in at Slavins Boat Ramp by 3:30pm)

    Registration: Will be at Slavins Boat Ramp at 5:30am on 10/11

    If you plan to launch at one of the other permitted launches you can register beforehand via email and pay via paypal or cash

    Permitted Launches:
    1. Slavins Boat Ramp
    2. Smallwood Park
    3. 225 Bridge

    Aggregate length of 3 largemouth bass

    Hawg Trough Measuring Board w/ lines marked with sharpie (only approved device) *available at

    Standard CPR Rules Apply Head to the left, belly down, mouth closed, identifier in photo (-1 Penalty for each)

    No refunds (no shows fees will be donated to Heroes on the Water)

    If two anglers on one boats, each must sign up separately.

    Potential Payouts

    50 Anglers = 1st $688, 2nd $250, 3rd $150, 4th $100, 5th $62
    75 Anglers = 1st $1031, 2nd $375, 3rd $225, 4th $150, 5th $94
    100 Anglers = 1st $1375, 2nd $500, 3rd $300, 4th $200, 5th $125

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    Just want to bring this back to the top!!

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    Less than one week away!! should be a fun one

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    Rainy day, but those who toughed it out it paid dividends with some nice fish and some cash.

    results at

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    Nice job guys. Way to tough it out in the wet weather.
    Mike S.
    Hobie Outback & Oasis
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