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  1. I liked the Ascend when I first got it, but I wish I would have looked around more. After getting it I learned that I wanted one a little longer for the bay and a little narrower for my short legs. If I would have gotten something like a WS Tarpon T140 I would have been happy and left it at that. But after seeing guys on the Revo I decided to get one. No big deal cause my wife likes to use the Ascend on lakes and I let friends use it when we go out so its getting riden. Like i said just wish i would have looked around a little more first or looked for a used one. I like the Tarpon because of the adjustable foot braces and the locking compartment like the one in the center in front of the seat. The Revo has that aslo and I love it. I but my tackle in there. For the money you cant go wrong with the Ascend. If you can spend a little more look at Tarpon or OK. If you are going in bay dont get anything smaller than 12'. Hit me up if you have anymore questions. Take care Don
  2. How do you like your Ascend Kayak??
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