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  1. Yeah, I did. I appreciate you taking the time out your day to look into that for me. I will probably order one from the internet then.
    Sorry I haven't responded.....really haven't had time with the holiday/family entertainment and work.
    I also saw you posted west marine has some foul weather jackets at %50 I am going to try and get down there real soon see if they have anything that would fit me.
    Again, thanks for your posts/help.
  2. Mdfisherkid,

    Did you see my post about the Humminbirds? Sorry if I got your hopes up. I tried to get you a deal on a unit, but one of the managers told me that Humminbird sets the price. It sounded odd to me, so I verified it with another manager. He said there is only a few companies that do that sort of thing. He showed me; it is even on some of the coupons that West Marine sends out. Sorry, I tried. Like I said in the post, if you find a deal online grab it. Those may be close outs, where a seller is closing out the line. Like I said, it still sounds odd to me.

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